Fashion & Product stylist 

Devanshi Dhingra is a San Francisco based fashion stylist.  Born and raised in New Delhi, India, she developed a fascination with the fashion industry at a young age. Watching how other people dress has always been something she liked to do since she was little and it now has become a part of her career. In 2014, she moved from her hometown to San Francisco to pursue her bachelor degree in Fashion Styling at the Academy of Art University in order to pursue her dream of working in the fashion industry as a stylist.


Dhingra’s personal style ranges from minimalist to embracing her colorful Indian background. Since she left her country to pursue her dream career, she has opened her mind to new ideas and styles, creating a unique insight into fashion.


She seeks to bring out a bold, confident energy in each client. She hopes to go in the direction of editorial, celebrity, personal, commercial,  or fashion show styling.

Photographers Devanshi has collaborated with are Danielle Rueda, Shan Lee, Nicolas Gutierrez, Anthony Hudson, Akshit Bhardwaj, Kate Swift, Pete Hopkins, Elliott Pansinsky, Brett Mynear, Carly Mynear, Andrew Delozzer.

She has also been published for a few reputed magazines like Elegant , Imiriage , Vulkan & Volant.

Devanshi  is open to collaborate. For any inquiries feel free to contact her using the form on the contact  page or email her at